Day Workshop 9th April: ‘Armenian Needle Lace’ with Pat Trott

Pat Trott brought with her some lovely examples of Armenian Needle Lace made by her Mother, who was Armenian. She described learning these traditional skills from her Mother at a young age and was enthusiastic about this rich heritage. She demonstrated to us very clearly how to do the basic stitches of this knotted lace and had us all creating borders on handkerchiefs. Once we had mastered the basic knotting, Pat showed us how to do a pyramid edging. We all managed to get the hang of this and successfully negotiated our first corner! As the class went on we were shown several variations of edging and had a go at starting a circular mat. We got the chance to study the beautiful, delicate samples and learnt how to build up the more complicated patterns. It was a great day and if the class was quieter than normal it was because we were all concentrating.

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