Making 3D Strawberries with Heide Jenkins

‚ÄčAs always with Heide's classes, we all had a great morning.   Her explainations and notes were very good and she had plenty of material for those of us who have very little red material in our collection.  Heide gave us some good tips, such as tacking your tracing paper to the felt before cutting the shape out to get a clean line and puting a smear of PVA along the top edge of the red satin so that it didn't fray when it was pulled up round the strawberry.   It always amazes me just how much stuffing you need in these situations.   Heide had some kapok for us to use as she much prefers this to the synthetic toy stuffing.  We all got on very well until in came to pulling up the material round the stuffed strawberry when a number of people had problems with their really tough thread breaking.     Eventually most people sorted out their troublesome threads and produced strawberries that looked good enough to eat, although a few of us still needed to do the calyx and stem.    It was suggested that it would make a good branch project for every one to make a strawberry or two so that they could be put together for a really impressive display.

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