Folded Secrets with Ruth Smith (Day Workshop)

‚Äč 'The folded secret pockets workshop.....I absolutely loved it, even if I did cut a wrong bit which then had to be stuck inelegantly with cellotape!
I found my hand wobbled a bit when trying to cut out the required pieces of paper, which of course left me with a few pieces which didn't quite fit when putting the pockets together. Aah! The wonders of a sharp pair of weeny nail scissors. 
My big mistake was the paper I bought, a bit too thick, which didn't help with the overall look in the end. However, I am the proud owner of a folded secrets creation, and when it all came together with the glueing of the flaps etc, I was almost ecstatic with joy, because, for once, everything came together, and it WORKED... I had secret pockets!
Those Chinese ladies deserve a medal or three for their ingenuity, and Ruth deserved a medal for her patience, great teaching and the ability to work out how the Chinese created the paper secret pockets in the first place.
All in all a super day, great fun, good sense of camaraderie in the hall, and a success all round.'

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