Day Workshop - Folded Secrets with Ruth Smith



Paper - choose one of the following types.

*  3 Sheets of A1 cartridge paper 9594 x 841mm). Ideal weight 130 gsm. This can be coloured if you wish.

*  Good quality brown parcel paper.

*  Hand made paper such as Lokta. (Avoid Canford paper, card and gift wrap as they are not strong enough.)


Glue sticks (the type used for photographs is ideal) or PVA.

Ruler, metal if possible.

Cutting mat, sharp pencil, scissors.

Craft knife with new blade.

Bone folder (only if you have one).

For Decoration

Colouring medium: bring whatever you like to use eg water soluble crayons, gel pens, paints, small printing blocks etc.

Paint brushes and a fine black pen for outlining designs.

Sheet of tracing/greaseproof paper.


As there is a lot of folding and sticking to do during the day, you will find it helpful to cut out all the necessary pieces of paper before the workshop. Use the layout provided as a guide and label each piece of paper inconspicuously with the appropriate letter in pencil.

(I will try to put the cutting layout onto the Gallery page of the website. Alternatively, if you haven't recieved my email with the cutting layout attachment, please contact me. Ros)