Day Workshop - Embroidered Notebooks with Barbara Wright

​​Requirements List

Basic Pack - Provided by tutor, Barbara Wright, for £2 per pack, payable on the day.

Fabric for cover - cotton, calico or similar, approx 30 cms square.

Fabric for lining - cotton, calico or similar, approx 30 cms square. 

Items for decoration - embroidery threads, small pieces of fabric for applique, gold threads, bits of ribbon or lace etc.

Normal sewing kit, including scissors for metal threads if they are being used. 

Small embroidery hoop.

Pins, tailors' chalk or taking thread (for marking pattern on fabric).

Piece of beeswax.

4 clothes pegs.

Before the Workshop

Please make a paper pattern using the following dimensions:-

A rectangle of 22 cms x 14.8 cms (angles should be 90 degrees), on either copy paper or tracing paper, and mark off the middle at 11cm.   This will make it easier for you to place the embroidery design.

If you have an idea for a design - feel free to draw it on the paper pattern, remembering that the front of the note book will be on the right hand side of the pattern.

Decoration on the cover can be in any form eg. applique, embroidered design, free form embroidery etc, using any threads or fabric in your stash.