Preparatory Work for Oct 10th with Heide Jenkins - Morning Class


This class is about choosing a Japanese Family Crest (or Mon Design) from a given collection and working this in a special kind of Shadow Quilting. The flat surface is then enhanced with stitched 3-dimensional details.  Not for absolute beginners. 

Requirements List

The morning is not a class as such but just preparation for the workshop in October.   Heide will bring with her a lot of stuff to look at and all the requirements so that the ladies can see what to bring for the workshop.

They have two choices to make which will take some time:

a) they'll choose from a given collection of Japanese 'mon designs' which one they want to work

b) they'll also have to choose a background fabric and matching organza/sheer for the project.  

They will know then what to bring for the class or they can buy stuff from me there and then.

Heide will do a lot of showing and explaining how things are done and possibly give the odd demo.  She will also bring comprehensive hand-outs.

Members may like to bring:

- small round embroidery hoop  14cm or 16cm  (not inches)

- sharp scissors for cutting fabrics

- curved nail scissors if they are available

- usual survival sewing kit with fine needles 9 or 10

- notepad and a pencil (not ink)