Day Workshop with Cathy Garretty 'Bespoke Butterfly'

​In a change to the earlier plan due to unforseen circumstances, Branch Member Cathy Garretty will lead a workshop to create a beautiful bespoke butterfly.  Members can make wired stumpwork wings, applique wings or embroider wings directly onto the background fabric.  Your butterfly could be traditional embroidery or wildly creative.   Cathy will (hopefully!) have some stitched examples to show.   June will bring bring designs for caterpillars too.

Cathy and June will bring organzas for wings.   Cathy will also bring butterfly templates, wires for stumpwork, Sharpie pens for colouring wires, sheer ribbons, bondaweb for applique, iron/board, glue, felt for bodies and assorted beads for heads and eyes.

Requirements for Members to bring.

Background fabric.   This can be plain in any colour, patterned or painted (not to strong a pattern or the butterfly might get lost against it and not too thick a paint that stitching through is difficult).

Ring frame/hoop to hold your background fabric.

For stumpwork wings - a second small ring frame and a piece of fine fabric to fit into the hoop and sit beneath the organza.   If you don't have two hoops, the wings can be completed first and then the background fabric inserted.

For applique wings - a small piece of fine fabric to bondaweb to the organza, or plain or patterned fabric to applique direct to the background

Stranded threads/perles in assorted colours of your choice.

Optional, to embelish the wings and body - metallic threads, small beads, sequins, scraps of foils, fine eye/beading needle.

Fine black marker pen.

Usual sewing kit.