Felt Making with June Withers - All Day


‚ÄčThis is an all day class, designed to give members a chance to try their hand at wet felt making under June's expert guidance.   June will have some of the equipment below for you to use.  The plan is to make 2 pieces of lightweight felt - A4 to A3 in size.   Then in the morning class in February, there will be the time to add some stitching to your felt. June's telephone number is 0118 9663010 if you have any queries.

Requirements List:-

Merino Wool Tops.

2 Hand Towels.

Bubblewrap 24" x 30" approximately.


Rolling Stick.

Small Bowl.

Plastic Jug.

Plastic Bottle to sprinkle the soapy water.

Olive Oil Soap.

Apron and (if you are sensitive to soap or wool) Gloves.

Optional Items.

Textured wool yarns, Throwster waste, scraps of fine slik fabric, thin cotton lace or muslin - natural fibres work best.