Tantalising Taster Stitching Session with Group Members - Morning Class

​With Carol and June

There are two activities on this morning:- a thread catcher with Carol and transfer printing with June.

​Requirements from Carol for the Collapsible Thread Catcher. (Instructions from U Tube, Angie's Bits & Pieces ajpadilla.com)

10" x 8" fabric plus 4" x 8" fabric 

Pringles container   Provided by Carol

Hard plastic 9.5" x 1/2"  Provided by Carol

4" x 8" cereal packet cardboard

4" x 8" wadding or felt

Sewing kit

It can all be hand stitched but if people wish, they can machine (or hand) stitch the two 8" sides of the larger piece of fabric together (with 1/4" seam) giving a 10" cylinder, which would save time on the day.

June will be giving members the chance to print some of their painted papers fro the February workshop onto fabric. She will bring fabric suitable for printing.