Day Workshop - Metallica with Lace with Jo Mabbit

​Jo will be bringing, on the day, a pack of materials which will be required.  The cost will be £6. 

If members have any of the following, could they please bring a heat gun, a hair dryer and an iron but don't worry if you can't.  There is a requirements list below but June is intending to bring enough of the rest of the items, although an apron would probably be a good idea.

Jo Mabbutt – Metallics for Textiles   List of student requirements

Small pieces of a selection of fabrics of various weights - calico, cotton, muslin, velvet, hessian/scrim – some dark / black



cellophane / thin plastic

brown paper, baking parchment or Teflon sheet and bondaweb

some basic cheap brushes, small yoghurt pots/jam jars for water,kitchen roll, newspaper, scissors and apron

acrylics – tubes, fluid or inks and a palette

heat gun (if you have one)

hairdryer (if you have one)

iron + ironing board/blanket/small table top ironing board (if you have)


This workshop will introduce a wide range of metallic media, including real metal leaf, metallic powders and metallic transfer foil, suitable for use on a variety of textiles and associated surfaces - Lutradur, Tyvek, handmade papers, plastics etc. 


Students will learn how to use the different adhesives to attach the metallic media and have the opportunity to explore a variety of techniques to colour and texture the surfaces resulting in more intriguing textures.  Experimental use of layering and manipulating will produce a wide collection of dramatic starting points for further embellishment.

Jo brings all the specialist materials for the workshop and there is a material fee of £6 per person.